White label dating solutions

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White label dating solutions

You see, the demand for online dating is still huge.

There are close to 100 million singles in the US alone who are ready to be virtually matched right this moment.

Also it should be noted that on i OS (the operating system for i Phone, the world’s most popular mobile phone, with the best converting audience) a generic (non-branded) application can’t accept purchases for you, because it’s not set up with your account.

With white label systems your landing page can only be customized so much, and you can’t choose your own features or pricing plans.

This means that a member who joins on a “general” dating site will appear in the search results of all sites in the same category.

The same approach works for other facets such as Over 50s, Casual and Gay dating.

White labels have existing “active” databases, although they are often criticized for their quality as well.

Nevertheless, many new clients who want to start online dating business often compare the two options at hand, and we are here to help them.White Label (WLD) was started in 2003 by Ross Williams, founder and managing director of web design agency Rawnet.WLD was started as a means to maximise revenue from online dating by applying the ‘white label’ concept to dating platforms.White labels at most have generic mobile apps (not branded as yours) because of the one-size-fits-all approach.In a generic app users have to enter your site URL for it to work.

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In general, white label is seen as something mass-produced and generic.

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