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Anderson has been photographed visiting the Ecuadorian embassy on numerous occasions since.Former “Baywatch” babe Pamela Anderson seems to have a new career in the Old World, where she’s paying regular visits to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and making friends in Russia.Anderson was undeterred, visiting him again in November and a number of times since then."Julian is a human being who is extremely empathetic and cares deeply about the world," she writes. He has made some powerful enemies in a few countries- America especially by exposing them.Julian is trying to Free the world by educating it.star Pamela Anderson has responded to tabloid reports that she’s dating Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange.Since 2012, Assange has been living in political exile at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Although Anderson and Putin officially have never met, one Russian source told me, “Putin, like most red-blooded males, is a fan.” And so is Assange.It is a romantic struggle — I love him for this - He is the strongest person I know- but, living as he is, is very unhealthy, demeaning and inhumane.I have faith that Sweden might begin to think 'progressively' and not cave to the US- like most other countries do- This is a good opportunity to show Sweden’s strength- and healthy individualism - The world is watching."We have to give her credit.Calling out an entire country because your maybe-boyfriend can't leave his house is legendary stuff.Now, the world waits to see if this is really a thing or if Anderson just likes him as a friend.

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